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Oh No! The power is out and we have kids! Believe it or not we hear that all the time and Fail Safe Electric Company is ready and qualified to handle all your emergency electrical needs.

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Remodeling offers you the opportunity to move outlets, install extra lighting or add a light switch. But did you know there are safety codes in your town which might prohibit those upgrades?

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Child Safety

Every year, over 2,400 children are taken to the emergency room for treatment related to electric shocks after tampering with electrical outlets. These accidents can easily be avoided through the installation of affordable child proof outlets, which provide a permanent solution.

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Generac Generator Installation and Maintenance


The Importance of Home Generators

In case of a power outage, a home generator will help in keeping the lights and appliances on up until the situation is rectified. You will maintain the operation of lights, freezers, refrigeration, furnaces, stoves, sump pumps among other appliances in both a long and short term power outage.  Just like a vehicle’s engine, the generator will convert fuel into mechanical energy which will then be converted to electrical energy with the aid of heavy-duty charging batteries. The fuel used can be natural gas, diesel or gasoline depending on the make and model of the generator.  Keep Reading

Generac Generator Testimonial Compilation

Hear what several Generac owners had to say about their home backup generator

Learn Why 7 of 10 Homeowners Choose Generac

Find out why so many homeowners choose a Generac home backup generator over competitive brands.

Service Upgrade By Local Code

The electrical service upgrade is expressed through Amps (Amperes) and this is limited by the main breaker ampacity such as 200A or100A. All homes that are connected to the main grid have both 240 and 120 Volts. The electrical service upgrade will not alter the home’s voltage; the upgrade changes the amount of electricity coming into your house.  There will be no change in your wiring or your branch circuits. The breakers will still trip in case there is an overload and what was malfunctioning will still malfunction until it is specifically addressed by our technicians. The service upgrade will give you the ability to add more circuits if you are planning on adding new appliances in your home.Continue Reading


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We are happy to service your electrical needs anywhere within the west and southwest suburbs.

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  • Real Clients, Real Reviews!

    Before anything I would like to say how nice Lou is and how professional he handled my problem. I had an out-of-date service box on my house which was so old that the remodelers wouldnt even do the siding. It was a last minute thing and the old service and panel were holding up our remodeling project. The reason why is was so urgent, or son was away on spring vacation and all the BIG messy remodeling needed to get done in that 2 week window.
    He pulled the permit and came out on time with everything he needed.
    I have already recommended him to a few of my clients. Jack L.

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